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June 19, 2013
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Origin of our species by airagorncharda Origin of our species by airagorncharda
This hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm still feeling a little nauseous after this realization.

Can be found on tumblr here: [link]


Hopefully some of the angry archaeologists on tumblr will see this comment, since tumblr isn't good at allowing for conversation that will reach everyone you want it to, so here goes: I AM NOT TRYING TO INSULT ARCHAEOLOGY, oh my god, it was a joke and I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I literally took a funny quote I like from a comedian for comedic effect. As in, exaggerating the truth into humor. Archaeology is awesome, and I don't think that archaeologists actually believe this anymore. I have been informed that they stopped accepting this theory in the 70's and that's awesome. The problem is that it's still being taught in some schools. That's the problem. Not archaeology.

Also, for the record, I actually DID do a fair amount of research before making this comic, it seems I just articulated myself poorly about archaeology and chimpanzees. Chimps are not friendly creatures. I'm not saying that they are. I'm saying that they aren't known for kidnapping and raping the females from other chimp groups. I'm not saying they don't do awful things, just that they don't do THAT awful thing in particular.

I'm not saying our ancestors didn't rape, I'm saying rape was HIGHLY UNLIKELY to be the primary form of procreation.

Chimps don't have sex for fun, that's only bonobos. Bonobos have sex for everything, pretty much.

Also, I'm a dude. It is in fact possible for dudes to be feminists, jesus fucking christ.

bonobos: [link]
chimps: [link]
comedy: [link]
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kiamara Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014
History textbooks tend to be incredibly biased anyways. My mother was reading one of my history books when I was still in Highschool and she said most of that had changed since she was in school in the 60's and 70's. 
Since we change our minds so much about history so often I think its important to put things in our own perspective.

One thing I learned in art class is that tribes in Australia were named after the different kinds of ochre that they made in they're area. To help distinguish the families lines and apparently to help prevent incest the marriage was arranged very early on in that child's life. These tribes families were and still are quite complicated but they've been doing that for a long time in human history
This was learned from the book called : "Color , a Natural History of the Pallet" by Victoria Finlay.

I'm not sure if I remember it correctly so you might want to read more into that but that's were I got that bit of info from.
pokekidcanada Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
DAMN. I don't even believe in evolution but even I can see that flaw D: damn.
SweetCyanidetea Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2014
Hey, I am studying archaeology and I can tell you that what you have been taught is shockingly wrong and inmature. Sometimes archaeology seems to say a lot about how society was before we became "homo sapiens sapiens" but the results are based on analysis that anyone can understand, if they know what to search.

One good example is "Ethnoarchaeology" a branch of the mother science that tries to explain how proto humans should have lived by watching modern societies. A lot like what you did with the chimpanzees and bonobos(there are similar studies with them too) but with people that live in different conditions.  There are men who still carve knives from stone and hunt and gather,and many archaeologists study their relations to try and shed light to our past.

It is true that you should never take a study like its the absolute truth, but you should definitely read about what you are interested in, mostly to help understand others that evolution is not the scary anti biblical story our schools want us to believe.

I took a practical class where we were handed volcanic glass and we had a teacher that explained how to hit the glass with a stone and a tool we had to make ourselves -a chisel of cow bone that was homework and took a couple of weeks to be fully done- to make it break and "sculpt it" like we wanted, thus trying to make tools to cut like our ancesters did.

Archaeology is not all about digging up bones and making up stuff about it, I do regret to say that there is a lot of professionals that follow that path, but it is us who need to educate ourselves to separate those who write bone fiction and those who actually investigate and postulate valid theories.

There is a really cool book that can explain things even for those without the archaeological vocabulary or basic knowledge.…
You can look it up in any library and you can learn amazing things that explain how is it that things survive to be found by archaeologists and how they can extract data from them.

Anyone can tell you that you take a bone and do the "carbon-14 test" and determinate the age of something someone found buried. But in that book you understand what is being messured, how and why. Have in mind you take pills when you are sick and don't know how they work , this is one of  the books that allows you to understand the process that archaeologists should use to try to understand events and people that took place so long ago.

I can tell you one last thing : there was a time were the rise of the homo sapiens was forged on the basis of a massive nearderthal killing.But trough a wide range of studies and findings now most archaelogists believe that in fact homo sapiens welcomed neanderthals into their tribes and helped them survive, being us the "homo sapiens sapiens" a direct result of that alliance.

So rest well and read a lot, new theories are here to make us understand that the origins of men are not violent, on the contrary we seem to have been some friendly neighbours who found the way to survive, to speak and to walk by taking care of each other.

XaliberDeathlock Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Thanks for the thorough and friendly explanation.
SweetCyanidetea Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Thank you for reading it
Lokita-Naky Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It IS possible for dudes to be feminists, but the world sure needs a LOT more of those! Schools teaches a lot of outdated things, or they teach things the wrong way, or in an incomplete way... 
Lokita-Naky Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oops, wasn't done sorry...
I find that school systems aren't complete enough. They teach a lot of nothing, if you know what I mean. For all the information that would be possible for people to gain through proper schooling, we're not even at half that potential. I learnt more from personal research than I did at school, that's not right!
AmethystForge Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
I experienced a little of that in my education, so don't let ignoramuses make you think you're the only one.  Most of that "info" on cavemen though for me, came through comics and pop culture.  I'm very surprised at all the people here who are like "omg where's that from"'s you live in a society NOT steeped with jokes/comics/stories/movies about cavemen antics? Where is that magical place?
PuffinPixel Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
I was never told that my ancestors raped each other to produce offspring, but I like the information in this post.
Although I do not like the kinda "only focus on female roles in society" as that tumblr user reblogged, I think this is a nice change to the "only females have it bad" and nearly no "Males have a pretty shitty stigma too".
Just... I absolutely LOVE it when people post an intellectual argument to disprove something they were told as "fact" in early life, when we are all gullible and naive.
Piari Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2013
Mate, the fact that people are reblogging it doesn't mean that they learned the same thing in school. A couple of the folks I follow reblogged it, and when I asked them about their schools, they said that it had not come up in their school, but when they saw your comic they just assumed that "caveman rape" was the predominant theory among archaeologists. Basically, because you have put yourself out there in such a strong way, everyone's assuming you're some sort of expert. One of my friends actually assumed you're an archaeologist. Basically, the reason you're getting a lot of reblogs is not that loads of people are being taught about this at schools, it's that most of them they read this comic and believe what it says unquestioningly. 

Remember: when something goes on Tumblr, people like you and I will see it, have a laugh or rage, and move on... but it will also be seen by the kind of folks who genuinely believed that Yahoo was going to ban porn in its takeover a few months ago.

You clearly have a strong voice. Use it to spread truth and well-researched thoughts next time, please. 
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